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As a small business owner, marketing and especially digital marketing can be a confusing world. We regularly work with clients that are looking to boost their online presence for the first time – and let’s be honest, it’s not your area of expertise, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now looking for some advice from us!

We get heaps of questions from people just like you! Wanting to understand what is best for their business and how they can use marketing to acheive their goals. Below are some of the most frequently asked.

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Small Business Website Questions

1) Does my small business need a website?

In a word… yes!

If you are on the fence about creating a website, let us give you our best advice… every business, no matter what size, should have one. It will help build credibility in your brand, find customers, give you an edge of competitors and most importantly, help grow your business!

If you don’t have a website you risk losing potential customers to your competitors!

2) I'm not sure if I can afford a website, how much do they cost?

If you’ve seen our number one most asked question above and come straight to this question, we understand why. When running a small business, every penny counts, so it is only right to stop and think about what you can afford as the owner.

There are lots of options out there and there isn’t really a one set price answer. Our biggest advice when asked this question is however much you can put into your digital budget, do so! It will end up being your best marketing asset.

Our websites start from an affordable £499. 

3) Can I build my own website for my small business?

Yes! There are lots of options out there for building your own websites. They all have pro’s and con’s but essentially they will all help you build an online presence. Some are free, but most will have a monthly cost and a lot of hidden costs to get your website functioning the way it needs to!

Be careful if you do go down this route. Our advice is to usually stop and think about the value of your time within your business. Although it might seem like you are cutting a cost by building a website yourself, in the long run you will probably realise a professional company building it for you would have been better.

You can also end up building a website that works against you! Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression! 

4) I've got a Facebook Business page, do I still need a business website?

Facebook for business has allowed lots of small businesses to gain an online social media presence and it is perfect for engaging with your current customers and sharing content with them to add value to your brand.

BUT… you should only be using it as an extension of your company’s digital presence. It shouldn’t be used as your ‘instead of a website’ option.

The main reason is your customers journey and how they will interact will all brands, not just yours. Most people will head to a search engine (probably Google!) to have a nosey at your company after seeing you on Facebook. If it’s hard to find you, or you don’t have a website (that can be built to showcase your services) then you may have lost them for good.

Use Facebook as an extension of your digital marketing hub, but remember, the hub should always be your website!

5) What is a domain and hosting for my website?

Your domain is your websites address, it is what your customers will put in the address bar on their browser! So if your company is John Smith Gardening Services, your domain is likely to be something like You aren’t limited to though, you can have .com, .uk, .net there are loads of options and we can help you pick the best one for your business.

Hosting, in simple terms is where your website lives. It is all the images, text (content) and links that make your website work, but they have to live somewhere! They live on a server, and every time someone visits your website they’ll see what is on your hosting providers account.

Typically a domain costs between, £10 and £20 a year and hosting can cost anywhere from £5 a month to hundreds a month, the more you have to ‘host’ the more it could end up costing.

Our website all come with your first year domain and hosting free of charge, subject to a few t&c’s, but it gives you the peace of mind they’ll be up and running swiftly and we can do all the techy bits!

Small Business Digital Marketing Questions

1) Do I need to use digital marketing services for my small business?

Much like the website answer above… the answer is yes! Digital marketing is a powerful tool when used in the right way for any small business. Digital marketing covers a pretty broad spectrum of services, some will suit your business and some may not.

A website is the ideal place to start, to build an online presence but services like search engine optimisation and content marketing can follow to help grow your business.

The best thing to do is think about who your ideal customer is. Who are they and where do they receive their information? If you find yourself building a persona of a someone who receives information online, guess what… you will benefit from digital marketing!

And just a heads up, most of your customers will be online in some form! So what are you waiting for?

2) What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Essentially it is the art of optimising your website so it is better indexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

A digital marketing expert (like us!) can utilise lots of ‘best practices’ to ensure your website is doing everything necessary for Google etc to ‘like’ your website and help your company to get found when people search for terms relating to your business!

For really broad terms this can be difficult for small businesses, but ranking on a local level for niche service subjects can be easier and really beneficial!

3) Can I rank #1 on Google for my business?

Unfortunately there is no guaranteed method to rank number one on Google’s search return.

We won’t make you any false promises about ranking #1 within X amount of months, instead we can promise you that if you work to implement best practice within SEO and add value for your customers through a well thought out digital marketing strategy, you’ll give yourself the best chance to climb those rankings!

4) Does my small business need social media?

Social media is a really powerful tool when it comes to promoting your brand, engaging with your customers and sharing knowledge (adding value) to your audience.

This doesn’t mean though you should sign up to every social media site as it may become unmanageable for your small business. Instead, think about where your audience is most active and prioritise that.

Make sure when you use social media, it has a clear purpose. Remember people are following your brand and not you! Use the profiles to showcase yourself as an industry expert, not to show everyone your new puppy… unless you are a dog trainer!


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